For an expert a private investigator, turn to Mignolet Business Research Consultants in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I offer a wide array of investigative services for different types of clients, such as:

Following a degree in Criminal Justice from the University of South Florida, I took a master's course at the Nova Southeastern University. I have been attending bi-annual investigative training seminars since 1984.

To provide high-quality services, I use my expertise in navigating proprietary, public, and government computer databases. I am also well-versed in obtaining, coordinating, analyzing, and disseminating open source data. I have advanced administrative and supervisory skills in all government levels and private sectors.

In my career, I have had extensive experience in managing all aspects of a general investigative business. I have investigated complex backgrounds of witnesses, informants, jurors and experts prior to depositions and testimony at trial. I have participated in the development of intelligence and evidence in fraud-related cases that were turned over to prosecutors' offices.

• Owner and Operator, Mignolet Business Research Consultants, Inc., (1984 - Present)
• Former Consultant and Trainer for CRA, Inc. & Virginia Tech for government contracts with DHS and DOD.


• Private Investigator and Shareholder of Intercontinental Detective Agency in Miami, Florida (1982 to 1984)
• Investigated Highly Complex Criminal Defense and Civil Cases with Numerous Successful Results
• Supervised a Staff of 15 Investigators


• Law Enforcement Officer, Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco, State of Florida
• Former Member of a Federal Strike Force Team and Organized Crime and Anti-Racketeering Unit
• Served as a Supervisor and Undercover Operative in Narcotics and Money Laundering Task Force Investigations

My Story
After losing a family member in the 9/11 attacks, I spent 7 years rededicating myself to defending other people from domestic terrorists. Equipped with exceptional skills, investigative experiences and interactions with different levels of government and court systems; I applied my unique knowledge within the field of open source information to help design a five-day scenario-based workshop on Al Qaeda's threats. This workshop taught investigators and law enforcement analysts how to process evidence that can lead to neutralizing terrorist operatives in the US.


Returning to my core investigative business these past couple of years, I was a team leader in developing the investigative action plans for the BP fraud cases. 


The majority of my investigations are now in-depth background investigations or due diligence on people and businesses for attorneys, businesses and individuals. I gather the information so my clients are able to ask the right questions, make meaningful decisions and arrive at the best resolution.

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  • Insurance Companies
  • Law Enforcement and other Government Agencies
  • Investors
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