Hire me, a skillful private investigator from Mignolet Business Research Consultants in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when you need a criminal record check, missing person search, or other detective services. I also specialize in:

Exhaustive Criminal Record Check, Missing Person Searches, and Other Detective Services

  • Asset and Background Checks
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Litigation Support
  • Law Enforcement Case Building
  • Background Investigations

Background Investigations

Protect your company from potential damages caused by negligent hiring. My accurate background checks allow you to make well-informed and objective evaluations on potential employees. MBRC  can also investigate:

• Nominees for the Board of Directors   • Potential Corporate Investors   • Industry Competitors    • Business Associates


Record Search

When you need your prospective employees and business partners' official personal and commercial records. The information MBRC provides depends on your particular needs. Some of the vital documents include:

• Civil Records  • Bankruptcy Records  • Prior Employment  • Lien & Judgment Records


Criminal Record Search

Let me help you uncover past court records of any person you wish you investigate. I can look for an individual's criminal records in counties where he or she has resided. This also includes prior employment history.


Typically, MBRC uncovers records within the past 7 to 10 years unless otherwise requested. MBRC is capable of conducting a state-wide criminal conviction searches in states other than Florida with a signed authorization from the applicant. We work closely with you, so you can make informed decisions about people or companies involved in your public or private businesses.

 Credit Profiles

Gain insight into any person's financial responsibility through my agency's credit profile investigations. In accordance with the guidelines stated in the Federal Fair Credit and Reporting Act, and with a signed release authorizing the search, I can provide you information on:

• Payment History  • Tax Liens  • Judgments  • Bankruptcies


Driver's License History

Get copies of an individual's driving records through my driving license history search. I can uncover documents within the past three years. I report information on:

• Violations  • DUIs  • Suspensions

Verification of Educational Credentials

My agency also verifies individual educational credentials. I can verify the institutions a person has

attended and the degrees he or she received.

 Verification of Professional Licenses

Specializing in in-depth background investigations, MBRC offers multi-media monitoring across

publications, newspapers, and trade journals. We also cross-check and verify for accuracy

in-depth internet research such as blogs, forums and podcasts.


Media Coverage

Specializing in in-depth background investigations, I offer multi-media monitoring across publications, newspapers, and trade journals. I also cross-check and verify in-depth internet research such as blogs, forums and podcasts for accuracy.


Investigative Due Diligence

Mitigate any potential business risk through streamlined corporate due diligence procedures and empowered compliance programs. MBRC provides investigative due diligence services for:


• Initial Public Offerings  • Private Placements  • Joint Venture Agreements  • Corporate Transactional Behaviors

Contact me today in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, if you need a reliable and competent investigator.